Many of you know I started #NaNoWriMo and was writing a memoir about my mother’s murder and my attempted murder, but I’ve had such a hard time coming back to it. My coach and my friend told me it would be a good idea to write something a bit lighter, so now I’m working on a LGBTQ romance novella. Which brings me to this video, my coach gave me some homework, to come up with a list of things to help overcome writers block. I’m sharing my list with you!

1. Get moving

2. Write something else

3. Open up a page from your fave book

4. Limit distractions – I like to use Omm Writer for this

5. Pinterest board with writing inspo.
Here’s my pinterest

6. Brainstorm bullet point ideas

7. Make a routine to summon the muse

My fairy garden


9. Partner/Pet Cuddle break

10. Change your location


What works for you? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love some new tips to try! Don’t forget you can join my patreon to see more of my vlogs and blogs:

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