Things I Love Thursday- Part 1 SEX POSITIVE SWAG

I have been wanting to start this segment on my blog since before I even had one… literally years. I found Things I Love Thursday (also known as TILT!) from Katy Maher on I Got a Dumpster Family. So, now here I am with my very own blog but hardly the time to write in it (or possibly just lacking time management skills tbh.)

This post has been marinating in my head for, oh… I dunno, three weeks… FINALLY, I AM EXCITED TO PRESENT YOU WITH MY FIRST THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY.



In case you haven’t noticed, I blog about sex. And tweet, write, rant, podcast, Instagram about it-it’s not always my main focus, but it is a pretty big part of my life. So it should be no surprise that I love genitalia. Yes, even dicks… queer women can love dicks too.

When I came across @ShipADick on Twitter I KNEW I NEEDED SOME OF THEIR MERCHANDISE. And the fine folks at SAD sent me a lovely box of cardboard dicks somewhere around Christmastime. Of course, I used them for several photo opportunities, showed my entire family so they could all have a good laugh, and put some up on the walls of my special garage room.

They even sent me a custom dick that says TAKE BACK YOUR SEX for my other blog & podcast, which we colored in and will use in our recording studio. You can mail someone an anonymous dick surprise, get a custom-made dick, or even a dick bouquet! I’m tickled to know this company exists. Check them out. I’m planning on purchasing a ton of these for a dirty thirty party I’m throwing this summer!

2. Sex Positive Families Swag

SexPositiveFamiliesSwagI’ve been following Melissa from Sex Positive Families for a while now and I absolutely adore the message she’s spreading on her blog, podcast, and now her new Red Bubble Swag Store.

With Sex-Positive Families, we support parents and caretakers with information and services that promote having honest, open, shame-free conversations in families early and often…”
– Melissa Pintor Carnagey

I entered a contest on her Instagram page to win a bag that says “I TALK ABOUT SEX FOR A LIVING”… and guess what? I WON! I have been having good luck lately. I loveeeee my bag and use it to carry my MacBook pro back and forth from the sex store (Where I worked temporarily! This picture was me selfie-ing at the mall, this bag got quite a bit of attention!), and the various coffee shops/libraries I work at to write.

They sell bags, stickers, pillows, mugs, shirts and more with messages like “TUMMY ROLES NOT GENDER ROLES” and “SEX ED IS MY JAM” and a ton of other slogans. Be sure to check out the store if you’re looking for a great gift idea for the sex-positive folks in your life!



I’m going to properly review this soon, but I had to include it in this post as well.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

I wasn’t really into sex toys until two things happened.

1. Started working with my sex coach on some masturbation issues I’ve had for years and

2. started working part-time at a sex store.

It just so happened that the toys arrived from Satisfyer right around the time I began working there, so I was able to compare it to some others (if only in the display case!) which made me even more curious and excited to get home and use it. I was a little thrown off by how it looks but let me tell you- I AM IN LOVE. It is called the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration if you’d like more details. I have never been this impressed with a toy, and I’ve used quite a few vibrators.

My partner tried it also, and she thinks it’s a bit too intense (something I’ve heard a lot of others say!) while I can use it at the highest setting and be in blissed-out-about-to-orgasm-heaven! I will link my review to it when it’s done, but I wanted to throw this in this post and thank The Satisfyer Company for their generous gifts. I raffled off the Satisfyer for couples toy at a Valentines Day event in LA (which I’ll talk about in my end of the month wrap up!) and I hope to try to the Pro GSpot Rabbit soon, too!


That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading.
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