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Miss my blog? Yeah, I do too! I just rejoined Patreon to be able to blog and answer questions I get about social media and how to get into adult work and camming. The best part is it’s only $1 a month, and I’ll send you a personalized thank you card in the mail. It is a PG blog- but I still had to tag it as adult since I’ll be blogging a bit about camming and virtual SW. I’ll also blog about my life and personal things I’m going through with mental health, grief, and relationship stuff. It’s just my safe space to be me away from the eyes that shouldn’t be there 😉

I will also start live streaming on google hangouts there soon! That way, I can answer specific questions in depth especially about building your following or how to get on cam. We can hang out and have virtual happy hour together since we’re not allowed to leave the house! Join me there for a dollar a month. 


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