Weekly Roundup

I’ve been going through a minor depressive episode so haven’t had the spoons to do writing and stuff like I’ve wanted, but good news, I’m on the up and up! I feel better today. I realize some times before bed, I don’t take my medicine as I should. After a while of doing that, everything goes to shit. NO MORE. I have to be good and take my meds as I need to. It’s always such a struggle, and I don’t know why! (I am bipolar 2, I don’t know if I’ve written about that yet!)

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20 minute stream of consciousness- my mother’s murder

20 minute stream of consciousness

TW: violence, homicide, may be hard to read. Take care of yourself and do not read it or come back to it if you cannot handle it right now. <3 

I am eighteen years old. I am wearing light blue skinny jeans and a white t-shirt from target. My hair is bleached blonde and I have light pink fake nails on. I arrive home to find my mom sitting on her yoga mat. She loved to exercise and work out.

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