Mother’s Day Grief Chat/ Vlog

I’ll be starting to do monthly grief chat vlogs. I think it’s important to acknowledge my grief and maybe it can help others or start a conversation along the way. I hope to have guests join me as time passes. Thank you for watching, be sure to subscribe!

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Self Care Sunday

One thing I’ve started doing for self care and mental health during this quarantine is meditation. When I had my spiritual reading we discussed my ancestors and spirit guides (which we all have, how cool is that?) and how I could better connect with them.

Iris told me to do a 15 minute meditation daily in which I ask for a clear mind and open heart, and to be open to receiving the messages they have for me.

I imagine I’m in a warm bubble of light, turn my headphones on to a meditation playlist, and get lost in the amazing feeling of warmth and higher consciousness. Sometimes I fall asleep…

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