My love for being in a parked car- my safe little bubble

If you’ve ever been on any of my patreons in the last 5 years, you’ve seen plenty of love letters to the car. And this time is no different.

I get massive anxiety being in a moving vehicle,
but love being in a parked car alone.

It all goes back to PTSD.

Once someone broke into my home in the middle of the night and attacked me and killed my mom, all sense of safety in the home went out the window.

I used to go to these support group meetings for victims of homicide survivors, and there I met people who truly got me.

I met people who thought living in their car was easier than living in a house.

It makes total sense to me, although I’ve never done that-

I’ve thought about it.

I’ve also thought about sleeping in my car, and have done so during the daylight hours many times.


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