It’s a wrap- May 2018. Masturbation, Sexting & THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING

May was masturbation month, and boy did I do a lot of it! Why?

Well, I got a lovely box to review which came with my new favorite toy (keep an eye out for my review coming up in two weeks!). Every time a company sends me a new vibrator, it quickly becomes my new favorite(LOL). I think it’s because I still have about 10 toys altogether. I’m a newbie. A very happy, easy to impress newbie. I’m sure that will change with time and I will eventually find a vibrator I don’t like.

I also made my grand return back to Chaturbate and have been webcamming again. This also led to tons of masturbation, most of the time with an audience. So I think Masturbation May went quite well on my end!


I was lucky enough to get a scholarship from Jessica Drake to attend Catalyst Con. This was my first full weekend conference in my hometown of Los Angeles (which is strange, You’d think I’d be a lot more active here in LA but it never works out that way). Jessica sponsored a sex-workers meetup to kick off the weekend, and it was so lovely to connect with sex workers that are local to me. The sessions that I made it to were so fantastic, this was definitely one of my favorite conferences so far.


Pictured: Erika Kapin from the Open Photo Project, Jimaneka Eborn, Dirty Lola and Zyra Lee Vanity from the closing keynote, Betsy Teases, Leigh Montavon, the lovely Jessica Drake, and one of my favorite humans ever, Sister Nurse Joy.

Mental Health

Processed with VSCO with kp1 presetMay is always rough because of Mother’s Day. This year was no different. The night before Mother’s Day I started to write about love in cemeteries. We did end up making it out to visit her the next day. As usual, the day itself is never as hard as the nights leading up to it.

I’ve been sticking with my therapy every two weeks like a good girl, but I did have to take a break from EMDR a few times to process other things in my life with my therapist. EMDR is so very intense, but it’s helped me so much already. More to come on that for sure. I still get horrible anxiety the day of my therapy appointment and cry pretty hard every session no matter what. I feel like I deserve a trophy at the end. Mental health and healing can be so exhausting.


KThis month my partner K GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! She is now officially an electrical engineer! And… she got an internship with a wonderful, LGBTQIA friendly company. We are all so proud of her and her hard work. I took a ton of photos that day, but wanting to keep some of my life private, I didn’t post many. When we first started dating she was in school already and always stressed about school work. She said she felt like she would never finish, but she fucking did it! Yes, I cried at the ceremony. We all missed her father that day who passed away in November. So proud of you, K<3.


Another fun thing that kept me busy this month is sexting and chatting on SextPanther. I really enjoy using this site to communicate with followers and fans, some people message me to ask questions, and others go straight for the dirty talk. Either way, if you’ve been interested, please sign up and message me! You get $5 in credits just for signing up. We can also trade pics and videos there.



In the very beginning of May, my episode of This is Actually Happening came out. I WAS SO EXCITED TO BE ON MY FAVORITE PODCAST! And guess what? I actually listened to the episode- well, most of it. It is rare that I can listen to myself talk about my mom. Whit, thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my story. I got so much amazing feedback from telling my story to your audience.

That’s all for this month! See ya next time 😉

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