I had a lot of fun using the contents of the Kink Crate Box I received. Full disclosure here, they sent it to me many months ago and I had to delay all reviews til January, now here we are. YAY, catch up time! At least reviews are fun, well… most of the time.

They sent a fabulous instruction book and Yes/No/Maybe list that I promptly misplaced in my cam room (it’s a jungle in there!), I’m sure I will find it again at some point, but since I misplaced it, I ended up forgetting a few key elements about the items that you’ll read about below. See my unboxing video at the end of the post to get a glimpse at the beautiful packaging and the books included.



Spreader bar

The sound of velcro isn’t as romantic but leaves variance for many sizes. The metal plate in the bar is restricting, but not heavy, and looks to be able to withstand minimal tension. It is neoprene and very comfortable.

You’re able to use all four straps on either the wrists or ankles, allowing for multiple positions in both sitting or lying. With a very bendy subject, you can even use this while laying on your stomach.



The cuffs I found lacking. There is no padding of any kind, and they’re limited in size, made primarily for a small to medium wristed person. They are light, and the hardware is plastic so this is for a compliant, very docile partner ;), or they will break. However, these are a fun tool to have in any kit.


The tape is very thin and lightweight. It does not stick on hair or to body unlesss fully wrapped all the way around until tape touches itself, so it won’t rip out hair, body hair, or leave residue. I’m unsure of allergies related issues as I have none, so be sure to double check!

Although I am ALL about the mouth, which is why I love gags so much, this box didn’t come with any gags. Of course, we made the tape work for that (in the main picture), and my lovely friend who helped me take all the photos this evening even made a fun way to cover my nipples for photos using the tape above. 


Zip Ties

The zip ties super sturdy, we could not figure out how to get them off and ended up cutting them off with a knife before realizing that they are single-use zip ties. Ah well, it was so fun I wanted to save them for another use. 

Love the feel of the zip tie around my ankles. They felt comfortable and weren’t too rigid or too thin to cause any scraping to the skin.

Very smooth on the inside with a very strong locking mechanism.

Lots of control and the center leaves good space for a hand grip to control either the legs or hands.

Having two of these would be a lot of fun and would be an interesting hogtie. 


Final Thoughts

Don’t lose your booklet as I did! 

This is a great box for beginners in the bedroom like me, and those just dipping their toes in. I did not feel intimidated, everything was self-explanatory, and keep the scissors handy!

Always remember safety, never leave a partner while they are bound in any state.

You can get your paws on a Kink Crate box of your own by visiting their website.  


*Kink Crate provided me this box in exchange for an honest review, and as always, all opinions are my own.