July Wrap Up

well well well, here I am.. only 9 days late this time…

July was a GREAT month. June was shit, so I’m very happy that July turned around for me. I was a busy little bee with events, networking, and I even had time to fit in a few dates 🙂

AVN House Party

IMG_2791I was invited to the AVN house party in Los Angeles because I am a MyFreeCams.com model. Although I do not use their platform (yet! Once it cools down again I am so excited to cam there!!), I am registered. I am very impressed with them as a company- they totally hooked up all their models with tickets to the event, a total of $100 in Uber vouchers to get to and from safely, and lots of swag in the private MFC lounge. Every time I went upstairs they fed me and gave me free drinks. It was a blast!

It was so fantastic to be around other cam models, I met a ton of people in the MFC lounge and even made a friend in LA that I’m going to hang out with and collaborate with soon. There was a photographer there who captured a really fun image of me and my date for the evening, Betsey Teases. It was a great night, definitely will be attending next year!


Thunder in the Mountains

IMG_3087I am SO LUCKY! This is the second time this year that I got to see my lovely, dearest friend Bella! The first time was at Exxxotica Denver, we definitely didn’t get enough time together to hang out. So this time it was so wonderful to stay with her and her partner, Warrior, for 4 whole nights.

It was my first time at Thunder, which is a huge kink and BDSM event. There are classes in the day, and then at night, there’s a dungeon to play in. The dungeon is HUGE! It was so fucking cool. I pretty much knew I would be in sensory overload because I’ve been in a dungeon before, but never one this large. I wanted to look at everything and take it all in. The noises in the dungeon were INCREDIBLE. I can close my eyes and still hear them…



This is definitely another event that I would love to go to each and every year. It was a blast. My favorite classes were Rain DeGreys Dominance and Rough play class, and Midori’s D/S archetypes. Bella and Warrior knew pretty much everyone, so I also got to meet a lot of lovely kinky folks and some podcasters as well.

I didn’t play as much as I wanted to because I am shy and slow to warm up, but I am such a voyeur that just watching everyone gave me a high. Thunder rents out the whole hotel, so it was like being on a kinky island far away from reality. No kids, no ‘muggles’ (as I like to joke!), I really felt at home.


Bella is one of my favorite people on the planet. She has been the one I call on when I had my first poly heartbreak, and the time I had my first sub-drop and thought I was dying. I’ve been having such a rough time with my mental health and sudden endings with relationships/work stuff, it was what my soul needed to be with someone as kind and loving as her all weekend. Her partner Warrior is also THE BEST. Staying up late in the hotel drinking wine and whiskey with them, chatting until we passed out, those were my favorite memories. I seriously love them both and am already thinking of how I can get to Denver again soon.

BONUS! I will be releasing a new podcast sometime soon, can’t wait to tell you more when I’m ready- but I got to chat with Bella and Warrior as the first guests!! YEAH!! SOOO excited. I’ve been wanting to interview Bella FOREVER!


T.O.Y.S (Touch on Your Self)

I wrapped up July by attending Hudsy Hawn’s class T.O.Y.S (Touch on Your Self) at the Pleasure Chest in Hollywood with my fabulous publicist. I was one of 2 demo bottoms, which is always so much fun, I love working with Hudsy. I first saw her class and demo bottomed for her at Exxxotica Denver, she impresses me every time I get to hear her speak and I always learn something new. We will be together again at Exxxotica New Jersey in November, sharing a hotel room sponsored by Hot Octopus! Can’t wait.


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