PORN REVIEW! Crash Pad Series Episode 45: Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee

This is my first porn review, as well as my first full episode of the Crash Pad Series! I have never been into porn much (the same way I wasn’t into sex toys till I started getting active on my blog!), so I was a bit hesitant to start watching an episode. It took me a solid few weeks to make the time to sit down and do it.

Before I knew about being an ethical porn consumer, I would occasionally go to the free porn sites and type in “lesbian sex”, but never saw any sex that resembled the kind I was having. I’ve always heard wonderful things about the Crash Pad Series, that they featured real queer performers and all different bodies, so I knew that if I was ever gonna love porn, this might be a good place to start. Ethical, inclusive, and queer-friendly? Sign me up!

Dylan Ryan standing over Jiz Lee, gazing seductively.

If you’ve never watched anything from CrashPad, each episode takes place in a secret apartment in San Francisco, used exclusively for fucking, and owned/supervised by the keymaster. The episode starts after they have been given their key, but immediately Dylan says that they’ve been given the key with one condition- no kissing. BUMMER! I love kissing so much! I legit almost turned off this episode and tried to find a new one just because of that, but decided I could see the appeal, and I’m so glad I kept watching.

In this shot, Jiz Lee is wearing the strap-on, their cock inside Dylan. Dylan’s hand is around the headboard and her high heels are wrapped around Jiz, who is looking down at her adoringly.

Jiz puts on the strap-on, and Dylan begins to suck their cock. Pretty much right away there are several moments they want to kiss and get close to each other’s mouths, breathing heavily and pausing, you can so clearly see the tension and it drove me wild. When they start fucking with the strap-on, the breathing intensifies and the way Jiz looks at Dylan’s face is phenomenal.  At one point, Jiz licks Dylan’s face and Dylan lets out a moan and says “tease”. The giggles when they want to kiss are very sweet and authentic. Jiz begins to push down on Dylan’s chest as their cock slides in and out. Pressure on my chest happens to be one of my favorite sensations so I was getting really turned on, which normally does not happen to me just from watching porn.

Every once in a while as I was watching, I would hear the camera click or see the keymaster. It would throw me off because I forget that’s a part of this story. As I said, this was my first full episode so it takes a little getting used to. 

Dylan Ryan holding the eleven toy with the larger side in her mouth.

Jiz says they have a surprise for Dylan and then goes to get something from the drawer, they come back with the Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo by NjoyIt is beautiful! Even though I don’t necessarily like dildo’s much myself, I decided right then that I need this toy. Dylan tries the toy first in her mouth and comments how heavy it is. At one point they are both using the toy together, Dylan on one end and Jiz on the other. Dylan looks down and says”fuck, that’s so hot!” agreed, Dylan, agreed.

They put a condom on the Eleven and flip the toy so Jiz is using the larger side as they play with themselves and moan, making exquisite pleasured faces. Jiz pauses and says “you’re beautiful” to Dylan, pick me up off the floor, I mean seriously. I live for these sweet little moments. (Do I have a huge crush on Jiz Lee? MAYBE!) Jiz puts their hands in Dylan’s mouth which is, %&#(#*&, SO HOT. I can’t even. 

Jiz with their hand in Dylan’s mouth, making those lovely, opened mouth, pleasured faces.

Then it’s Dylan’s turn again, Jiz is slapping Dylan’s thighs as the toy goes in and out, which, OOF, thigh-slapping is another one of my favorite things. The scene ends with Dylan squirting and her body writhing with pleasure. Jiz says you’re a very good girl” to Dylan, and *drools*, I MELT.

CLEARLY, THIS EPISODE WAS A GREAT PICK FOR ME. I would 10/10 recommend. All of my favorite things besides kissing, yes!

Final Thoughts

I love that the CrashPad Series tells you what you will see beforehand in case you are triggered by anything (In the past I definitely have been, which has made it very hard to enjoy porn). They also have photos below each episode (like the ones I used here) so you can see what you’re going to watch. AND, they have behind the scenes videos to watch after each episode.

In this episode’s behind the scenes footage, it features Jiz and Dylan talking about how they feel the scene went, body hair & certain insecurities, and a bit on why they are still doing porn.  These are fantastic conversations to be able to listen to after watching such intimate moments between the two of them. I am very impressed with the CrashPad Series and I will definitely be visiting again.


I was given access to this episode in exchange for an honest review, and this post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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