How I got back to monogamy

Today someone asked me on my instagram how I deal with jealousy and insecurity in an open relationship. It sparked me to want to write about that a bit since I’ve not shared much about why I am no longer polyamorous. The short answer is, I didn’t deal with it. I kept thinking with time […]

Finally Settled

We are finally settled in Baltimore. Our bedroom set was delivered, just waiting for another dresser and nightstand. My office is functioning and I have all my stuff around me. It feels like me. It feels like home. When we’ve visited here in the past I have always  loved it, I just really missed my […]

Get Ready with me Monday

Watch me mess up my eyeliner & talk about the patreon plan for this month! Don’t forget you can ask me questions that I’ll answer in a short blog post for Ask Meg Monday. You can ask me anything… about mental health, polyamory, camming, really anything. I’d love to bring back that segment! P.s. I […]