Finally Settled

We are finally settled in Baltimore. Our bedroom set was delivered, just waiting for another dresser and nightstand. My office is functioning and I have all my stuff around me. It feels like me. It feels like home. When we’ve visited here in the past I have always  loved it, I just really missed my […]

20 min stream of consciousness: the tugging

this one really gutted me and my memory is so bad, it scares me. But I really wanted to share it in all of its unedited glory. —- they cut my clothes off but i’m not embarrassed or afraid. it’s like i’m going to die anyway so what’s left to lose. i’m actually kind of […]

20 minute stream of consciousness- my mother’s murder

20 minute stream of consciousness TW: violence, homicide, may be hard to read. Take care of yourself and do not read it or come back to it if you cannot handle it right now. <3  — I am eighteen years old. I am wearing light blue skinny jeans and a white t-shirt from target. My […]