It’s a wrap- March 2018

Podcasts & Virtual Summit This month my episode of the Being There Podcast was released, Being A Victim of Attempted Murder. I recorded this with Dick and Kellie all the way back in November when I went to New York. It was an incredible trip. Not only did I record this episode (which brought up […]

It’s a wrap- February 2018 wrap up

HOT DAMN, February flew right by! February Core Desired Feelings: Stable Creative Ready Loved I’m not sure why I put “ready”. Wish I’d elaborated more on this in my journal on the 1st, but alas I did not. I guess I must have meant ready to resume life again after the hell that was January. […]

It’s a wrap, JANUARY 2018!

I saw a meme on Facebook that said something like “January was one helluva year- but we got through it!” and I couldn’t agree more. It felt never-ending… and a lot happened! Now, here we are, already almost in mid-Feb and I’m barely getting around to writing this. Phew. I am very excited to have […]

Clarity & Intention- Hello 2018

What better way to ring in the New Year & release my blog than with some good old clarity and intention setting. Last year was rough for pretty much everyone I know, but even despite the chaos, there were plenty of learning and growing moments that I am {mostly} thankful for. I am answering the […]