2020 Reflections

I walked into 2020 like an innocent, angel baby. I had no idea what was in store for me this year, I mean really, who did? 2019 was a huge year of transformation, and I can’t say 2020 was any different. In January of 2020 my partner had just got out of sober living and […]

Dream about my moms house

* i didn’t used to be able to dream about it without being horrified, then slowly i started to dream about being in her room and it’s dark and gloomy and dusty & that i’m helping her clean it up, then it kept getting more and more ‘normal’ looking and now, like this morning, it […]

Watching True Crime stories as a survivor of attempted murder

I’ve said this before, but I think this is the real issue with most things that are violent that I see on the news and in documentaries/movies/TV I no longer have the option of filtering out these scary horrific things in the world. I used to think “These things happen to other people” and feel […]

PTSD & My Mom’s 49th bday – written 3 years ago

I once had someone tell me that I am afraid of healing. I’m afraid of treating my depression and dealing with my loss because I think that it’s what connects me to my mother. That may very well have been true for a long while, but not anymore.   Continue reading at: HiMeganAshley.com