How I got back to monogamy

Today someone asked me on my instagram how I deal with jealousy and insecurity in an open relationship. It sparked me to want to write about that a bit since I’ve not shared much about why I am no longer polyamorous. The short answer is, I didn’t deal with it. I kept thinking with time […]

Get Ready with me Monday

Watch me mess up my eyeliner & talk about the patreon plan for this month! Don’t forget you can ask me questions that I’ll answer in a short blog post for Ask Meg Monday. You can ask me anything… about mental health, polyamory, camming, really anything. I’d love to bring back that segment! P.s. I […]

Ask Meg Monday- Plan with me// Premium Snap ~ Vlog

Calendar from the dollar tree. Love it because it has the plastic covering so you can use dry erase markers too if you need to. Change your themes every month to mix it up, or keep the same but continue changing up the details. Consistency can be key! Throw your weekly schedule up every Sunday […]

Ask Meg Monday: Getting into the adult entertainment industry (vlog)

Amazon cam list SO MUCH INFO DISCUSSED… let me know specific questions I can go more in depth with! If you’re a cam model and have affiliate links for any of these, LMK! Let me know how I can help you along your journey and how it goes for you!!! To see vlog: