Oh Hi! I’m MEGAN ASHLEY. Thanks for stopping by.

Age: 32
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pronouns: She/Her
About: Queer, monogamous and taken (used to be polyamorous princess, REMEMBER?! lol!) , kinky, geeky, cisgender, submissive, good girl! Also, newly diagnosed #BipolarBabe
Occupation: Retired cam girl ;), personal assistant, social media manager, blogger, writer, podcaster. (Before this, I was a preschool teacher and birth doula!) I wear many hats!
Passions: human sexuality, healing my trauma, sharing my experiences with the world, spreading love. Fighting the stigma of mental illness #StigmaFighter… oh, and red lips!
The wildest thing I’ve ever done: survive attempted murder.
Favorite color: red, purple
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