Oh Hi! I’m MEGAN ASHLEY. Thanks for stopping by.

Age: 32
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pronouns: She/Her
About: Queer, monogamous and taken (used to be polyamorous princess, REMEMBER?! lol!) , kinky, geeky, cisgender, submissive, good girl!
Occupation: Cam girl, professional nude slinger ;), sexter/phone sex, blogger, writer, podcaster. (Before this, I was a preschool teacher and birth doula!) I wear many hats!
Passions: human sexuality, healing my trauma, sharing my experiences with the world, spreading love. Fighting the stigma of mental illness #StigmaFighter… oh, and red lips!
The wildest thing I’ve ever done: survive attempted murder, show my p**** on the interwebs.
Favorite color: red, purple
You might know me from: telling my mother’s murder story… more below
*Trigger warning: Violence, homicide*
“My story isn’t easy to hear, but it has been wonderfully therapeutic to tell.”

The Big, Horrible Night. My mom was murdered in 2006 when I was 18. I was also stabbed during the break-in but was able to escape and hide long enough to survive. My entire world was turned upside down within a few moments. Now, 12 years later, memories are coming back that have been buried all these years. I  am beginning to work through this trauma and embrace life once more. I live with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and while they do not define me, they definitely affect how I move through this world. I share my stories through my #MentalHealthDiaries because I know there is still so much stigma around mental health matters.

In 2016, after a tough divorce and a teaching career burn out, I decided to start camming, blogging and podcasting about sex on the Take Back Your Sex blog. Reclaiming my sexuality gave me so much power
From coming out, to polyamory, to kinky adventures, I learned to advocate for myself and my needs and began the long journey of letting go of ‘the good little girl‘ society told me I should be (except in consensual BDSM play, I love being a good girl then *wink wink*).
My favorite way to help people own their sexuality is by sharing my experiences.I’ve overcome a lot to step into my sexuality and I’m a late bloomer in so many areas, I find sharing my experiences (in writing, podcasting, in person, however it happens) inspires others to look at their own in a new light.
When I first started this line of work, I used the name “Violet”, then I started working on “Megan Ashley Writes”, now, I am just Megan Ashley, this blog mostly focuses on my cyber sex working career. Thank you to those who have been following me all around the web, I appreciate you 💋

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