New Video: Goodwill // Thrift Store HAUL and TRY-ON \\ Plus- Size Fashion on a Budget

I went to my local thrift store and here’s what I found. Are you a fan of thrifting? What was your favorite item from my haul? Let me know in the comments below! Subscribe to my YouTube channel Enter my giveaway! 

Experiencing Murder and Attempted Murder as a Teen // Guest Podcast Episode

I was on a lovely podcast with Mandi of the Mourning Meeting. Content warning: graphic violence It was so nice to be able to tell my story and I hope it is helpful for others who may be experiencing grief and traumatic loss. You can listen to the episode here: Experiencing Murder and Attempted Murder […]

Facebook Group for Patrons

Members of my Patreon can join my private facebook group, Finding. Joy, when you join at any tier. I will be posting each day. Daily motivational, inspiring, or witchy fun posts. Sometimes they will be personal and photos or videos of what’s going on with me as well to start a conversation. You can join […]