Where TF I’ve been!

All the way up to August of this year, I’ve been proud of myself for keeping up with my Monthly Wrap Up posts, even though they would be ten days late or so, I felt like I was keeping up with the minimum. Now, here we are, three months of no posts 🙁

So, let’s play catch up.

August: my 31st birthday! Every year I have a bit of an identity crisis around my birthday, this year it was about my brand. I decided that MeganAshleyWrites.com (and all the social media I had with that name) no longer fit me, mostly because I don’t blog or write much anymore *ahem*, and it’s just me posting about my camming, nudes, or sexting. While I still want to write my book and about the mental health stuff (I always will), it’s not the #1 for me right now. (more…)

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Mental Health Diaries- Since I haven’t written one of these in a while, why not on my birthday! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Wow, it’s here! I am 31. I can’t believe how fast this year went by. 30 felt like such a big deal, so this feels kinda- meh. Plus, I usually hate my birthday and get really depressed around this time, and this year is no different. I have slept more in the last week than I have in months. (more…)

July Wrap Up

well well well, here I am.. only 9 days late this time…

July was a GREAT month. June was shit, so I’m very happy that July turned around for me. I was a busy little bee with events, networking, and I even had time to fit in a few dates 🙂 (more…)

Review: The Big Oh! Box

The Big Oh! Box is a quarterly sex toy subscription box that is sent discreetly to your doorstep ‘featuring a curated selection of full-sized sex toys & accessories designed to stimulate your appetite for exploration’. This review is of the Spring box, and the theme is Organic and Natural goodies. I was so very excited to open it on camera as you can see above. (more…)

June Gloom (monthly wrap up)

Half of the year is over! When I made this blog I promised myself I would NEVER miss a monthly wrap up. I am bad with commitment so they never end up being posted til it’s pretty much midway through the next month, but nevertheless… I kept my promise to myself for a whole half-a-year, so that deserves some celebration, right?