Leo Season reflections

After the intense, emotional rollercoaster of cancer season, here we are in Leo season. Leo season brings bold, playful energy. I’ve definitely been feeling it and it’s starting to lift me out of my depression funk. I am a Leo, and in true Leo fashion, already celebrating my birthday any chance I get. August 15th I will be 34 years old, and I am so excited.
I’m 100% done with the ‘fear’ of getting older and the expectations of what I should have done with my life by now. Every year I get down on myself over that, and you know what? No more.
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Mental Health Diaries Part 2

I planned to stop taking my meds again after California, and then I forgot to take them yesterday and felt really awful. So, I am going to keep taking them. (For now. This changes daily it seems)

I talked to my therapist about how one psychiatrist said I might not be bipolar, and what a mind fuck that was for me. She asked me to go over the symptoms I had experienced prior to meds, and said how easy it is to think I’m not bipolar now that I’m medicated….

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Love letter to my body

“My belly- that refuses to tuck in, even though I haven’t had children which I beat myself up about from time to time. Telling myself I can’t possibly really love myself until it does this magic miracle of carrying and birthing a baby, then and only then will I have solved the puzzle of womanhood and ultimate love for myself and others. My belly that has to hold all of that pain, that lie.”

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